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3P-057 The Many Faces of Palestine

Faces of Palestine: Reviews the film “Occupied Minds” about Palestinian and Israeli journalist-friends who interview Zionist settlers, militant Palestinians, Israeli soldiers, Palestinian farmers, and an Israeli surgeon blinded by a suicide bomber. Reads poems by Mahmoud Darwish, Ibrahim Nasrallah and Hiyam Noir. Discusses the censorship of Nasrallah and quotes Darwish on telling the Trojans’ story. Cites from Noir’s blogs Palestine Free Voice and Poetry4Palestine. Discusses an article by Jonathan Cook called “Israeli Firms Profit from Holocaust” and one by Keith Harmon Snow called “Israel and the Ongoing Holocaust in Congo.” Also quotes Howard Zinn from “The Optimism of Uncertainty” and praises a radio show ala Zinn called “History Counts” by Ken MacDermottRoe. Ends with Face2Face, a project that made giant side-by-side photos of Israelis and Palestinians making goofy faces, and posted them on both sides of the wall.

Songs and/or Music Videos:

  • Djivan Gasparyan, “I Have Planted an Orchard in Yerevan”
  • Dougie MacLean, “Turning Away”
  • Makana, “Mars Declares”


  • “I Am There” by Mahmoud Darwish
  • “A Beautiful Morning” by Ibrahim Nasrallah
  • “In the Toxic Garden” by Hiyam Noir

Informational Videos:

  • “Assault on the Liberty,” part 3/3 from History Counts
  • “Different Game E.P.K.” from Makana

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3P-030 Plant Radishes for Hope: Palestine

Plant Radishes for Hope: Compares the early sprouting of radish seeds to the evidential hope in Frances Moore Lappe’s talk, The Work of Hope. Applies this to Obama’s Cairo talk and its implications for Palestine. Includes an interview with Phyllis Bennis, Institute for Policy Studies fellow and author of several books on Empire and conflicts in the Middle East. Criticizes Uri Avnery’s comparison of Israel to the zealots as unfair… to the zealots, who defended the oppressed against Rome. Relates a conversation with teenage girls about Dr. George Tiller’s murder, and takes a different slant on the abortion question.  Presents the Declaration of the Abya Yala – the indigenous populations of 22 countries. Reports on Friday’s massacre of indigenous Amazonians in Peru, with police firing live ammunition into a crowd of 5000 protestors.


  • Pattiann Rogers, “The Greatest Grandeur”

Songs and/or Music Videos

  • Bonobo, “Days to Come”
  • David Rovic, “In the Name of God,” concert video
  • Big Country, “Soldier of the Lord”
  • XTC, “Dear God”

Audio Bonus

  • Interview with Phyllis Bennis

3P-016 Nasty Noah and the Patriarchs

Nasty Noah and the Patriarchs: Looks at the Biblical curse of Canaan that’s at the root of Israeli entitlement to Palestinian land. Discusses the book Palestine Inside-Out: An Everyday Occupation, and quotes from David Shulman’s book, Dark Hope: Working for Peace in Israel and Palestine. Examines a video of a Tel Rumeida settler abusing a Palestinian woman and her daughter. Reads a poem by John O’Donahue called “A New Beginning” from To Bless the Space Between Us, over a Bruce Cockburn instrumental called Mistress of Storms. Plays “Little Bird,” a song from a Tucson compilation CD to raise donations for the Palestinian Farmer’s Union. Lyrics are written by James Jordan from the Campaign for Labor Rights. Music by Fair to Midlands, Caliche.

3P-009 Friends Don’t Let Friends Condone Genocide

Friends Don’t Let Friends: Reports on grassroots organizations within Gaza and urges engagement with Jewish-Americans who are “neutral.” This episode answers Jewish friends who want to know where they can get more information. It presents humanitarian aid groups, farmers’ unions, medical and mental health associations, and media watchdogs. It also answers Jewish friends who don’t want to hear about it. It draws comparisons to the Holocaust and the complicity of being polite. Includes a poem by Naomi Shihab Nye. Music by Julia Kent, David Rovics, U2, and Snow Patrol.