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3P-042 You’ve Been Framed!

You’ve Been Framed!: Examines, ala the media watchgroup FAIR, three examples of how reporters frame the question in order to shift our perspective on the facts. One is a quote from Mark Hosenball, Special Correspondent for Newsweek, speaking on NPR’s Talk of the Nation about the Inspector General’s report on interrogation methods. Second is the winner of Survival International’s Most Racist Article of the Year Award. Third is the defense of Van Jones in Ryan Witt’s Political Buzz Examiner, saying that he was stupid but not evil. Describes the effect of myopia in my own formative years. Updates the indigenous Amazonian situation since the Bagua massacre, and the media war against them. This includes the editorial in a mainstream newspaper suggesting that the natives be bombed with napalm. Proposes that Van Jones, now that he’s been heckled out as green jobs advisor, become the highest profile spokesperson the 911 truth movement has had, with all of us behind him…at the suggestion of Glenn Beck.


  • Lisel Mueller, “Monet Refuses the Operation”

Songs and/or Music Videos

  • Autumn Project, “This We Take With Us”
  • Jason Mraz, “Make it Mine”

Informational Videos

  • Onion News Network, “Who Should Be Held Accountable for Minotaur Maze Interrogations?”

3P-038 Don’t Make Me Hit You: The Rationalization of Violence

Don’t Make Me Hit You: Discusses the blaming of Zelaya, the Honduran President, for the violent acts of the coup regime. Looks at US and Canadian corporate interests in Honduras, such as Fruit of the Loom, Russell, Hanes, Gap, Gildan, Adidas, Nike, Dole, and Chaquita, and their response to Zelaya’s 60% raise of the minimum wage. Role-reverses Hilary Clinton and Mel Zelaya. Analyzes the question of whether morality is relative in terms of torture, terrorism, or killing, contrasting the zealots and the Q’uran to the Ten Commandments. Looks at military recruiting and the falsehoods and artificial choices presented to HS seniors.


  • Demetrice Anntia Worley, “Feminicide/ Fimicidio” on the disappearances of women and girls in Cuidad, Juarez. Won the Split This Rock contest sponsored by Foreign Policy in Focus. 

Songs and/or Music Videos:

  • Sting and Peter Gabriel, Spanish version of “They Dance Alone” on the disappearances of men and boys by Pinochet. Performed in Argentina in 1998.
  • David Ippolito, “Torture is Wrong or We Can Do Better Than This,” great video
  • Sting, English version of “They Dance Alone”

3P-027 Muslim is the New Jew: Christianity & Torture

Muslim is the New Jew: Explores the results of the Pew Forum that asks Christians whether torture is justified. Brings in al-Jazeera footage of the Bagram chaplain exhorting soldiers to “hunt souls down for Jesus.” Comments on the NY Times article about Explorer Scouts’ paramilitary training for border patrols, marijuana raids, and anti-terrorism. Reads a Lisel Muller poem called Hope. Talks about Frances Moore Lappe’s talk called The Work of Hope, and the game of Monopoly being designed by a Quaker woman as a lesson in what not to do. Continues to develop the Sovereignty Game as a way to try out better models. Plays the Public Citizen YouTube of an intern opening a tax- free Panamanian shell corporation. Defines the difference between a peacekeeper and a terrorist as how high-tech your weapons are. Rewrites the Ten Commandments and plays a rap song by a Tibetan Buddhist lama.

3P-015 The Man Who Brought God to Guantanamo

The Man Who Brought God to Guantanamo: Reads excerpts from Poems from Guantanamo: the Detainees Speak. Responds to Jacques Lusseyran’s essay, “Poetry in Buchenwald.” And delves into Enemy Combatant: My Imprisonment in Guantanamo, Bagram, and Kandahar by Moazzam Begg. Explores the themes of what sustains a person in the most wretched of circumstances – torture, humiliation, dehumanization. Finds surprising answers in poetry and philosophy, from those who’ve lived to tell. Questions the double standard of terrorism by a country engaged in daily indiscriminate violence, military and economic, against innocent civilians. Music by Billy Bragg, No Luck Club, Grails, Serj Tankian.