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3P-002 President Obama, Listen to your Mother!

President Obama, Listen to Your Mother: features Thanksgiving poems blessing the farmworkers, an update on the global food crisis, and the Declarations of the Via Campesina from their 5th annual conference in Maputo. It ends with an open letter to the President-elect called “Obama, Listen to Your Mother!”


  • Grace by Raphael Jesus Gonzalez from In Praise of Fertile Land
  • I Will Not Thank God by Tereza Coraggio

Music Videos:

  • Take Back the City by Snow Patrol
  • Falling Slowly by Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova from the soundtrack “Once”
  • Behind the Barricades by David Rovics


  • Global Food Crisis from FoodFirst! backgrounder
  • David Barsamian’s Alternative Radio interview of Raj Patel, author of Stuffed and Starved
  • The Declarations of the 5th conference of the Via Campesina
  • Grassroots International’s Food Sovereignty curriculum


Everyone seems to be writing letters to Obama. Julie Mertus, author of Bait and Switch: Human Rights and US Foreign Policy, outlines four steps for him to repair our tattered reputation. Rosa Anaya, daughter of assassinated Salvadoran human rights lawyer Herbert Anaya Sanabria, reminds Obama that there are 35 sovereign countries in the Americas and almost 200 in the world. To be a good US president, he must not try to be President of the World. The Indigenous Councils of Columbia write, “By transforming life into merchandise, by making sacred the accumulation of wealth, by enshrining greed, we believe our societies have entered a crisis, including the economic crisis currently faced by your country.” They ask that together, we create the conditions for a new history. Alice Walker cautions him to relax and enjoy his family, and remember that he didn’t create this mess, while Garrison Keillor says not to play golf or get a dog. So now I’ll add my two-cents.

Dear President-to-be Obama,

Lesson One – Sometimes Everyone Needs a Time Out

3P-001 What’s God Got to Do with It?

What’s God Got to Do with It?: covers poetry, the gift economy in Loveland, CO, Jordanian radio put on by 10-24 yr-olds, hope for Fort Benning, Buy Nothing Day, and three wandering minstrels in England. The featured topic looks at the similarities between the Bible story of Abel and Cain and Darwin’s theory of evolution in attributing superiority to the winners.


  • “What’s in the Temple” by Tom Barrett from Keeping in Touch.


  • “Customers Pay It Forward at Starbucks” from karmatube
  • “A Walk Around Britain” from karmatube
  • “Blessed Unrest and WiserEarth” by Paul Hawken


  • Bruce Cockburn Live, “Wondering Where the Lions Are”


  • Radio Farah Al Nas (Joy of the People)
  • Fr. Roy Bourgeois threatened with excommunication
  • Buy Nothing Day


  •  J.A.T. Robinson on God as Reality called by another name
  • John Dominic Crossan from the Jesus Seminars on the character of God
  • Paul Hawken from Blessed Unrest on Darwin’s linguistic racism


Excerpt:    “The first paradigm — creationism — is based on a divine hierarchy of who God likes best. The innocence of Abel exists by contrast to the guilt of Cain. The innocence of Jesus, likewise, serves to underscore the inherently guilty state of humanity. The second paradigm — evolution — is also based on a hierarchy of who was favored by Nature. We’re each born worthy or unworthy, civilized or savages, based on the merits of our ancestors… both Judeo-Christian scriptures and Western science are in complete agreement that reality is inherently hierarchical. The difference between them is semantic — one calls the reality God and the other calls it Nature.”