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3P-007 The Sovereignty Game

The Sovereignty Game: highlights an altruist in Bangladesh, looks at Rwanda and New Hampshire as models for local government, and plays a video clip of A California Carol from the Courage Campaign. We report on the economic state of Santa Cruz County, and propose a simulation game of Sovereignty and Survival to make the crisis more fun. The Sunday sermon looks at contradictions in the story of Jesus’ birth. The poem is Wildpeace by Yehuda Amachai.

Music: Snow Patrol, Ani De Franco, and Frou Frou

3P-006 Buddhas, Saints and Fan Clubs

Buddhas, Saints, and Fan Clubs: Featuring Buddhas shoveling snow and pregnant Virgins walking down the road. Ecuador’s debt default gives lessons for our $10 trillion hangover. Christmas as family goes global with Thich Nhat Hanh, the MILK awards, and the Global Oneness Project. Also includes the history of some subversive saints and a sappy song.

Music: Snow Patrol and Josh Groban.

3P-005 Third-Generation Lap Cats

Third-Generation Lap Cats: questions our dependency on money, and how it’s hurt our self-sufficiency in the wild. It also looks at whether loans, trade, or USAID have helped or hurt foreign economies, focusing on the Free Trade Agreement with Peru. It includes a song about torture, a video about laughter clubs, and a poem about crafty hedgehogs.

Music by Snow Patrol, Brendan Emmons, and Nico Vega 

3P-004 Doubting the Existence of Money

Doubting the Existence of Money: Looks at resource rights activists in Campeche, Mexico, who protest the privatization of electricity while the government subsidizes hydroelectric dams and energy-dependent agribusiness. Announces the 2009 Shop with a Conscience Consumer Guide, and writes Fair Trade Christmas Carols. Plays an Oxfam clip on the global food crisis, and reads Ecuador’s Constitution for nature. The featured topic argues the existence of money to be a more entrenched belief system than the existence of God. Headings include:


  • Money is a One-Way Conveyor Belt
  • Money is an Increment of Advantage
  • Money is an Empire Chip in the Global Casino


  • The Layers by Stanley Kunitz


  • FLOW – theatrical trailer
  • Arcade Fire – Intervention
  • DeVotchKa – How It Ends
  • Little Miss Sunshine – teaser

3P-003 Kicking the Dogma

Kicking the Dogma: squares the concept of equality with the scriptures of organized religion. The 14th Dalai Lama writes about his one belief, and a Charter for Compassion is launched for the world’s religions. Instead of Black Friday, there are Post-Thanksgiving Eat-Ins, and StoryCorp recreates a day of spending into a day of listening. Last Sunday creates a forum for spiritual politics in Austin.


  • The Doctrine is Compassion by Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama


  • What Would Jesus Buy? by Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping
  • Post-Thanksgiving Eat-In from Slow Food Nation
  • What Happy People Don’t Do by John Robinson from CharityFocus
  • A Lifestyle for the 21st Century from The Center for Screen-Time Awareness
  • A National Day of Listening from StoryCorp with a Do-It-Yourself Guide


  • Beck Hansen on making up your own songs
  • Robert Jensen on Last Sunday, a monthly gathering in Austin, Texas
  • Bill Arnal on the pro-Imperial stance of the scriptures


  • Lillian Howell, 89, on moving from Ohio to Virginia during the Depression


  • A Charter for Compassion by Karen Armstrong
  • Swati EPK


  • The Great Correction by Eliza Gilkyson
  • Small Gods by Swati Sharma


To read scripture through the lens of compassion is to take the perspective of any person who might feel diminished, hurt, or excluded by it. If we define scripture as the Word of God and it implies that some people are less valuable than others, we’re accepting a God of inequality. We might read compassion and others condemnation, but what matters is how those people feel who it refers to or leaves out. Equality needs to be our single dogma, and any scripture questioned that kicks the dogma…The scriptures create victims – there are people whose sanctity is violated by the demeaning and injurous way that they’re presented, which has led to the worst of physical injuries, land theft, enslavement, being stripped of human rights, torture and death…As justice comes before charity, so equality has to come before compassion.