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3P-011 The Twilight Zone of the Inaugeuphoria

The Twilight Zone of the Inaugeuphoria: Looks at the shiny new President with the Gaza stain on his tie, at renegade janitors and subversive teachers, at charity for soldiers and no mercy for victims, and at whether Israel lost the 23-day war. Includes quotes from Van Jones, Arutz Shiva, and Arnold Toynbee. Reads Martin Espada’s poem, “Jorge the Church Janitor Finally Quits,” and gives the reasons he refused to write a poem for Nike. Clay Burrell, an education blogger in Korea, suggests teaching through simulated trauma – turning the classroom into a sweatshop for a day. We also counsel truth as the millennium’s weapon of choice. Music: Cinematic Orchestra, John Ondrasik/ Five for Fighting, the Fray.

3P-010 The Ethics of Anarchy

The Ethics of Anarchy: Presents the Boycott, Divest, Sanction strategy for Israeli products recommended by Naomi Klein as an economic anarchist’s way of censuring Israel.  Examines who is really hiding behind women and children. Compares the history of anarchy to its present form. Includes an NPR clip on a person who invites the world to dinner each week. Dives into esoteric scriptures to find the ancient anarchists, and compares them to the modern anarchist in elementary school, high school, at the drum circle, and at Free Radio Santa Cruz. Also reads a poem by Antonio Machado. Music by Bonobo, DeVotchKa, and David Rovics.

3P-009 Friends Don’t Let Friends Condone Genocide

Friends Don’t Let Friends: Reports on grassroots organizations within Gaza and urges engagement with Jewish-Americans who are “neutral.” This episode answers Jewish friends who want to know where they can get more information. It presents humanitarian aid groups, farmers’ unions, medical and mental health associations, and media watchdogs. It also answers Jewish friends who don’t want to hear about it. It draws comparisons to the Holocaust and the complicity of being polite. Includes a poem by Naomi Shihab Nye. Music by Julia Kent, David Rovics, U2, and Snow Patrol.

3P-008 A People’s History of the Bible

A People’s History of the Bible: An in-depth look at an alternative form of first-century Judaism that believed in sovereignty, equality, and freedom for all, plus the right of armed resistance against foreign rule. This episode ties the current massacre in Gaza to the Hebrew revolt against Roman rule 2000 years ago. It also takes a critical look at the person responsible for “preserving” the Jewish scriptures and his allegiance to the Roman Empire. Features a poem by the Sufi poet Hafiz.

Music:Explosions In The Sky, Bruce Cockburn, David Rovics and Snow Patrol