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3P-015 The Man Who Brought God to Guantanamo

The Man Who Brought God to Guantanamo: Reads excerpts from Poems from Guantanamo: the Detainees Speak. Responds to Jacques Lusseyran’s essay, “Poetry in Buchenwald.” And delves into Enemy Combatant: My Imprisonment in Guantanamo, Bagram, and Kandahar by Moazzam Begg. Explores the themes of what sustains a person in the most wretched of circumstances – torture, humiliation, dehumanization. Finds surprising answers in poetry and philosophy, from those who’ve lived to tell. Questions the double standard of terrorism by a country engaged in daily indiscriminate violence, military and economic, against innocent civilians. Music by Billy Bragg, No Luck Club, Grails, Serj Tankian.

3P-014 The Upside-Down Tax Pyramid

The Upside-Down Tax Pyramid: Looks at what the tax system rewards and discourages, what it forces us to do and what it forces underground. Asks if it’s possible to make an honest living between income tax, sales tax, and property tax. Explores the paradox of “protectionism” vs. defense, and the Pacific Freeze Campaign to wash the military build-up out of our hair. Reads the poem “This is My Heart,” by Joy Harjo interspersed with “I Built a House” by Cinematic Orchestra. Quotes from the Chocolate Scorecard that rates labor practices in the cocoa industry from bitter to sweet. Questions why love prostitutes itself to sell diamonds, flowers, chocolate, and cell phones. Writes a rap song on the economic stimulus. Music by Manu Chao and Thievery Corporation.

3P-013 Josephus of the Multi-Colored Turncoat

Josephus of the Multi-Colored Turncoat: Proposes a way to make millions from our illegal immigrant population. Sends a Valentine’s note to Firestone from their Liberian rubber tappers. Presents research that the Bible is a two-part propaganda piece written after the “fall” of Jerusalem by Hebrew collaborators with Rome. Includes a poem by Mary Oliver and a song about child slaves on cocoa plantations by Cassandra Coraggio. Music by Dashboard Confessional, John Buckleman, Julia Kent.

3P-012 Bad Money and Morbid Mortgages

Bad Money and Morbid Mortgages: Compares Money and Debt to Thing 1 and Thing 2 for the Capitalism Cat in the Hat – these things are not good things. Reviews the books Bad Money by Kevin Phillips, Irrational Exuberance by Robert J. Shiller, and Slow Money by Woody Tausch. Examines the stock market and housing market collapse as symptoms of a socially-transmitted disease gone global. Discusses the animated video called “Money as Debt” by Paul Grignon. Also delves into the positive side of the economic crisis, with Backyards Without Borders, Farm Party Crews, and carnivore co-ops. Presents ideas on growing new farmers and celebrates sustainable nuts. Local spin: Presents ideas from Woody Tausch’s author event at NextSpace, and from The Future of Local Food, organized by Transition SC. Discusses ideas for involving local HS students in food production – including a Sustainability Summer Camp, an “embedded” charter school, and alternative credentials to academia. Also mentions Jordan McKay, UCSC graduate killed in September, and his microfinance legacy. Music by Arcade Fire, Michael Adams, DeVotchKa.