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3P-020 A 2020 Vision

A 2020 Vision: Reads a poem called To Begin With, the Sweet Grass by Mary Oliver. Presents a hypothetical scenario of the year 2020 with employment security, cheap healthcare, housing work exchange, worry-free retirement, and all the education you can eat. In contrast, projects the logical outcome of Obama’s stimulus package, which takes on more debt to “free up” credit. Examines the revenue-raising “solutions” of the California Tax Reform conference. Then outlines the policies that could get us out of this mess, if we took local control of our taxes. Bonus offer: a new religion called the Indigenous Planet.


Music: Michael Franti and Spearhead, Firewater, Kaki King, Ozomatli, Snow Patrol

Local notes: This episode  examines the revenue-raising “solutions” of the California Tax Reform conference that was held at Cabrillo with Bill Monning and Fred Keeley. It also projects the logical outcome of Obama’s stimulus package, which takes on more debt to “free up” credit. But it first presents a hypothetical scenario of the year 2020 with employment security, cheap healthcare, housing work exchange, worry-free retirement, and all the education you can eat. It outlines the practical steps and policies that could get us from here to there, if we took local control of our taxes.

3P-019 The Nature of Reality and The Plan

The Nature of Reality: Reads a poem by Steve Kowit called Notice and Kurt Vonnegut’s Last Rites of the Bokononist Faith, set to the music of Bill Laswell. Sends a last will and text-message, and looks at the Lenten digital abstinence of texting-free Fridays. On a truly somber topic, discusses Mark Danner’s  Voices from the Black Sites. Examines the book Toward 2012: Perspectives on the Next Age, including essays on Transition Towns, Urban Homesteading, Sumarian Economics, and Twitter Telepathy. Relates a little-known connection between Sting and the Dead Sea Scrolls. Music by R.E.M., David Gray, Sting, Bill Laswell.

Featured guests: Daniel Pinchbeck, author of Cracking Open the Head, 2012: the Return of Quetzalcoatl, and Toward 2012.

Local notes: gives details on Santa Cruz County farms presented to Transition SC’s Local Food Working Group by Rebecca Thistlethwaite of TLC Ranch. These include the amount of ag subsidies, decline in land used for farming, primary crops and livestock, and percentage of organic farms.

3P-018 To Bee a British Pound

To Bee a British Pound: Reads from the Chris Cleeve novel, Little Bee, and discusses the freedom of money to flow across borders, unlike people. Presents a Barbie mash-up from the Danish-Norwegian pop band, Aqua, the Ecuadoran band, No Barbies, a poem by Denise Duhamel called Buddhist Barbie, and The Fear by the UK performer, Lily Allen.Examines the concept that the US is “the wealthiest country in the history of the world” in light of our private and foreign debt. Analyzes $10 million/day in foreign aid to Israel based on statistics of prosperity from Masada 2000. Proposes a way to reduce our supersized country and CA state to a more manageable network of Ecuadors and Denmarks.

3P-017 Love ‘Em & Eat ‘Em: the Art of Animal Husbandry

Love ‘Em & Eat ‘Em: This episode of Third Paradigm includes an interview with the author Nicolette Hahn Niman from her appearance at Capitola Book Cafe. She’s the author of Righteous Porkchop and the environmental lawyer who led the charge against factory livestock farming under Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. She organized a national reform movement against inhumane animal confinement, industrial breeding, and the devastating pollution caused by manure lagoons. She interviewed ranchers using the best of practices, including Bill Niman of Niman Ranch. The vegetarian East Coast lawyer fell in love with the West Coast cattle rancher, and became a rancher herself.

Reads four poems about farming by Wendall Barry, Miguel De Unamuno, and William Stafford. It explores the parallels between Big Ag extremists and vegan animal liberationists. We research a hopeful history and a dismal past and a hopeful future for backyard chickens. Also introduces a program called “Food in the ‘Hood” being started on the Santa Cruz Westside.

3P-016 Nasty Noah and the Patriarchs

Nasty Noah and the Patriarchs: Looks at the Biblical curse of Canaan that’s at the root of Israeli entitlement to Palestinian land. Discusses the book Palestine Inside-Out: An Everyday Occupation, and quotes from David Shulman’s book, Dark Hope: Working for Peace in Israel and Palestine. Examines a video of a Tel Rumeida settler abusing a Palestinian woman and her daughter. Reads a poem by John O’Donahue called “A New Beginning” from To Bless the Space Between Us, over a Bruce Cockburn instrumental called Mistress of Storms. Plays “Little Bird,” a song from a Tucson compilation CD to raise donations for the Palestinian Farmer’s Union. Lyrics are written by James Jordan from the Campaign for Labor Rights. Music by Fair to Midlands, Caliche.