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3P-029 911: Making a Killing

911: Making a Killing: Interviews Richard Gage, the founder of Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth. Reports on his more-than-compelling evidence that 911 was a controlled demolition, and the staggering implications of that. And does Bilderberg – the clandestine meeting of uber-elite in Athens – have anything to do with it? Reads a poem by Portia Nelson called Autobiography in Five Short Chapters and uses it as a strategy to rescue social activism. Uses the research of UC Berkeley linguist George Lakoff to explain why the Bilderberg 50 are winning, even though there are 100 million of us for every 1 of them. Presents a community unity exercise developed by Riki Otts after the Valdez oil spill.


  • Portia Nelson, “Autobiography in Five Short Chapters”

Songs and/or Music Videos

  • Arcade Fire, “The AntiChrist Television Blues,” concert video
  • Michael Hedges, “Because It’s There,” concert video
  • Thievery Corporation, “The Passing Stars”
  • Pearl Jam, “Gimme Some Truth,” photo montage

Informational Videos:

  • Richard Gage, “Blueprint for 911 Truth,” compelling 2-hr presentation
  • Paul Hawken, “Blessed Unrest and WiserEarth”
  • Riki Ott, “Not One Drop”

Bonus Audio

  • Interview with Richard Gage

3P-028 Corporatocracy vs. Sovereignty

Corporatocracy vs. Sovereignty: Presents a conversation with David Cobb, 2004 Green Party Presidential candidate, and Kaitlyn Sopici-Belknap, both of Democracy Unlimited of Humboldt County. Discusses why real democracy is both unconstitutional and illegal. Looks to Latin America for the antidote to civilization as we know it. Relates the mass protests by the indigenous Indians of the Peruvian Amazonia against the mining contamination and oil exploration authorized by the US Free Trade Agreement. Follows the pending FTA with Panama with similar terms. Asks listeners to call Obama for Lori Berenson’s release after 13.5 years of unjust imprisonment in Peru under Fujimoro, now convicted to 25 years for war crimes. Discusses the Articles of Confederation on state sovereignty, and reads a quote by Ian Baldwin from “The Secessionist Option: Why Now?” on Reality Sandwich.


  • Carlos Drummond de Andrade, An Ox Looks at a Man,” translated by Mark Strand

Songs and/or Music Videos

  • Crystal Method, “London” 
  • Fleet Foxes, “Mykonos,” fun, stylized video
  • Iron & Wine, “Naked As We Came,” cute video
  • unknown audio, “What the World Needs Now,” powerful Tom Clay video

3P-027 Muslim is the New Jew: Christianity & Torture

Muslim is the New Jew: Explores the results of the Pew Forum that asks Christians whether torture is justified. Brings in al-Jazeera footage of the Bagram chaplain exhorting soldiers to “hunt souls down for Jesus.” Comments on the NY Times article about Explorer Scouts’ paramilitary training for border patrols, marijuana raids, and anti-terrorism. Reads a Lisel Muller poem called Hope. Talks about Frances Moore Lappe’s talk called The Work of Hope, and the game of Monopoly being designed by a Quaker woman as a lesson in what not to do. Continues to develop the Sovereignty Game as a way to try out better models. Plays the Public Citizen YouTube of an intern opening a tax- free Panamanian shell corporation. Defines the difference between a peacekeeper and a terrorist as how high-tech your weapons are. Rewrites the Ten Commandments and plays a rap song by a Tibetan Buddhist lama.

3P-026 Panama: Free Trade with Tax Haven

Panama: Free Trade with Tax Haven: Reviews Obama’s gear-shifting on NAFTA and the free trade agreements with Panama and Colombia. Shows the effect of tax havens and drug money laundering on US citizens and developing countries. Continues to examine the Constitution’s role in perpetuating slavery. Compares the 1808 voluntary phase-out to the Harkins-Engel protocol for child slaves in chocolate or the voluntary high-tech embargo on coltan, none of which worked. Discusses ALBA (the Bolivarian Alternative for Our Americas) and their Declaration of Cumana at the V Summit of the Americas. Reads a poem called What’s Left by Kerrie Hardie. Talks about Julia Ward Howe’s intent for Mother’s Day and plays the dramatic reading of her Proclamation. Songs include Eyes Wide Open by Snow Patrol, Make You Crazy by Brett Dennen, and We Will Not Go Down by Michael Heart.

3P-025 Was the Constitution an Act of Treason?

Was the Constitution an Act of Treason?: Reviews the context in which the Articles of Confederation were replaced with the Constitution – how it was done and who benefited. Presents the warnings of the “anti Federalists:” Patrick Henry, Brutus, and Federalist Farmer. Makes a case that the “Founding Fathers” destroyed the people’s government in order to perpetuate slavery, extort taxes in gold and gain possession of citizens’ land. Reads the poem “Earth Your Dancing Place” by May Swensen. Reports on the sovereignty news: Dow Chemical’s NAFTA suit against Quebec for banning lawn pesticides, Zaproot’s videoblog, “Who Owns the Rain?” Brasscheck TV’s “Facts to counter swine flu hysteria,” and’s “A food system that kills: swine flu is the meat industry’s latest plague.” Music by Ani de Franco, Tom Waits, The Iguanas, Explosions in the Sky.