3P-039 Zeitgeist Continued

Zeitgeist Continued: Using the movie Zeitgeist as a springboard, examines the parallels between Old Testament patriarchs Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph. Makes the case for Josephus as the author of the New Testament, and for the Old Testament as a reverse-engineered invention of the Roman Empire. Asks if the God referred to in the Bible resembles Caesar. Reviews the cartoon autobiography of Marjane Satrapi called Persepolis.  Uses audio clips from Zeitgeist, including Bill Hicks. Quotes research from Josephus scholars Steve Mason and G. J. Goldberg, and from Joe Atwill’s book, Caesar’s Messiah: The Roman Plot to Invent Jesus.


  • Joan Murray, “Her Head” by Joan Murray
  • Tereza Coraggio, “Walking the Sierra”

Songs and/or Music Videos

  • Julia Kent, “Idlewild”
  • Bad Religion, “The Answer”

Informational Videos:

  • Zeigeist, Part I: The Greatest Story Ever Sold
  • Zeitgeist: Meaning of Life Quotes

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