3P-043 Joy, Luck, and the Religion of Prosperity

Joy, Luck, and the Religion of Prosperity: Examines prosperity consciousness and magical thinking from nineteenth century mind-cure healers to New Age spiritual hucksters and the megachurches of consumer christianity. Responds to “The Secret” with the “Joy Luck Club.” Reports on Douglas Rushkoff’s article in the e-zine Reality Sandwich called “I Am God,” giving the history of wealth-creationism and the spirituality of selfishness. Discusses Willis Barnstone’s translation of the New Testament from the Greek, and his decision not to “soften the blows” of anti-Semitism. Compares the gospels as apologists for Rome to Josephus. Reads excerpts from Life, Inc: How the World Became a Corporation on Christian branding.


  • Hafiz, “A Handful of God” 
  • Nelly Sachs, “Perhaps God Needs the Longing”

Songs and/or Music Videos 

  • Kronos Quartet, “Ya Habibi Ta’ala” or “My Love, Come Quickly”
  • Depeche Mode, “Your Own Personal Jesus,” MTV concert video
  • The Frey, “Happiness”
  • Sun Dream, “Shahasrara (Crown Chakra)”

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