3P-055 AIDS & Bioterrorism plus Interview with Ruthann Richter

AIDS & Bioterrorism: Presents a book called “Face to Face: Children of the AIDS Crisis in Africa” and interviews the author, Ruthann Richter. Comments on the documentary “Angels in the Dust” about a South African AIDS children’s village.  Investigates how Charity Navigator rates nonprofits by the size of their bank accounts and the aggressiveness of their fundraising. Also presents the history and evidence indicating that AIDS was developed as a weapon of bioterrorism against homosexuals and non-whites to reduce their population. Quotes the following sources on the DoD development of AIDS: Time Magazine, 1946, House appropriations hearing, 1969, World Health Organization, 1972, New Delhi Patriot, 1984, London Times, 1987, a DoD flowchart for the US Special Virus (1962-1978) discovered in 1999, Chief of Staff Anthony Traficanti, 2002, and Dr. Boyd Graves, current. Quotes from “Designer Diseases: AIDS as Biological and Psychological Warfare” by Waves Forrest.


  • “Finding What You Didn’t Lose” by John Fox
  • “Waiting in Line” by Nick Penna
  • “The Winter of Listening” by David Whyte

Songs and/or Music Videos:

  • Dead Can Dance with “Song of the Stars” 
  • “Will I?” from the Broadway musical, Rent
  •  TVTV$ with “AIDS is a Four-Letter Word”

Informational Videos:

  • Director’s trailer from “Angels in the Dust”

Audio Bonus:

  • Inspiring interview with Ruthann Richter about grandmothers in Kenya and nonprofits in Santa Cruz raising up the lost generation of AIDS orphans.

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