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3P-040 Sovereignty: The Right to do No Wrong

Sovereignty: Presents Wikipedia’s imperialist definition of sovereignty. Quotes David Cobb and David Korten on the current disaster of corporate sovereignty. Questions whether the state and federal government can both be simultaneously sovereign. Defines the key to sovereignty as the right to do no wrong. Discusses a plan for a confederacy of counties and an incremental Jubilee through gradual relocalization of taxes. Prioritizes use of reclaimed taxes to fund the right to do no harm and to restore foreign communities that we’ve deprived of their sovereignty.  Also talks about roosters that find their crow and the need for an Urban Slaughter Support Group. 


  • Yuan Mei, “Writing What I’ve Seen” 
  • Thomas Centolella, “Veiw #45”

Songs and/or Music Videos:

  • Bobby Torres Ensemble, “On Burnside”
  • Chris Pierce, “Keep On Keeping On,” concert video
  • Derby, “If Ever There’s a Reason,” super-cute video

Audio Bonus: 

  • Interview with Scott James, founder of Fair Trade Sports, who talks about child labor in sports balls and his Newmanesque business model that donates all profits to charities.