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3P-031 Finance is an Extractive Industry

Finance is an Extractive Industry: Examines foreign investment as a form of pollution, according to the Abya Yala, and as a form of perpetual slavery. As examples, cites the oil and gas transnationals in the Peruvian Amazon, and Firestone in Liberia. Shows how Dell, HP, and AT&T are collaborating to censor free speech in China. Illustrates NAFTA’s pro-investor bias with the case of Glamis Gold against the State of California. Applies NAFTA’s rules to the hypothetical case of a Canadian hog farm buying Wilder Ranch State Park. Breaks down the relative value of time, from a Bangladeshi 12-yr- old making $8/month for 500 hours of work to a WalMart employee or teenage babysitter making $8/hr. Looks at the downward spiral of profit and control. Relates a shareholder proxy vote in which Fidelity’s Vanguard Fund directors recommend against a proposal to not invest in genocide. 


  • Gregory Orr, “Grief Will Come to You”
  • Jane Hirschfield, “Optimism”
  • Czeslaw Milosz, “On Pilgrimage”

Songs and/or Music Videos:

  • Big Country, “Just a Shadow,” somewhat dated video, but classic
  • Moby, “Shot in the Head,” sad, adorable video
  • Comrade Fatso, “Bread and Roses,” live concert video from Zimbabwe