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3P-064 Money as Theft, or Why We Need a Glocal Economy

In this episode, we look at money as created through debt, but actually backed by theft, by examining the exchange of labor that money purportedly represents. We question the high cost of housing and services vs. the low cost of food and goods.  Looking ahead, we develop 10 features that a successful turnaround plan would need to have, and we explain how a strategy to deal with hyperinflation is the opposite of a strategy for inflation.

We also tell the story of meeting Claudia Solerno, Venezuela’s Presidential Envoy on Climate Justice, at the Green Festival. We cite a study from Fast Food/Slow Food: the Cultural Economy of the Global Food System by Richard Wilk, and an article by economist Michael Hudson called “Krugman, China and the Role of Finance.” Finally, we end with holiday shopping tips from Fair Trade USA, a guide from Shop to Stop Slavery, Free2Work’s I-phone app, and Kyle Thiermann’s video, “Buy Local, Surf Global.”


  • “Each of Us Has a Name” by Zelda
  • “For the Sleepwalkers” by Edward Hirsch
  • “Everything is Going to be All Right” by Derek Mahon

Songs/Music Videos

  • “Welcome, Ghosts” by Explosions in the Sky
  • “Before I Go” by John Hiatt
  • “Freedom Hangs Like Heaven” by Iron & Wine

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3P-050 A is for Anarchist: the New Indie Student

A is for Anarchist: recaps the book The New Global Student: Skip the SAT, Save Thousands on Tuition, and Get a Truly International Education by Maya Frost. Reports research on study abroad, and her tips for getting around crazy expensive college costs while learning through your pores and having more fun. Tara the Transfer Diva explains how she rocks at Credit Quest, and we define terms like fego and halfpats. Of local interest, we propose a way for students to make themselves the most sought-after houseguests on the planet, with the help of Cabrillo College. A radio station is suggested in partnership with Cabrillo College and Santa Cruz indie news junkies, and a way to bridge the divide between trade school for dummies and academia for elitists.


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