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3P-053 Biblical Blackwater and Interview with Max Blumenthal

Biblical Blackwater: Responds to an interview of Max Blumenthal, author of Republican Gomorrah, with an analysis of the Bible story of Sodom and Gomorrah. If taken literally, God disapproves of homosexuality, but approves of fathers offering teenage daughters to be gang- raped, and then impregnating them himself. If taken allegorically, God retaliates against rebellious nations by enslaving and oppressing them.

Examines the Amarna letters – diplomatic clay tablets sent to the Pharaohs from his Canaanite administrators complaining about the nomadic raiders and outlaws called the Habiru. Examines the evidence for whether Abraham was a mercenary warlord hired through the Pharaoh’s vassal-overlord, Kederlaomer, to put down the rebellion of Saddim (Sodom). This was an alliance of salt, named for the Valley of the Salt Sea: five cities who joined in an insurgency for independence. Was Abraham the notorious jackal Abdi-Ashirta, who took the Pharaoh’s territories from the kings of Gezer, Byblos, Jerusalem, Jordan, and the rest of the Canaanite cities? 


  • Denise Levertov, “Beginners”
  • Margaret Atwood, “Up”

Songs and/or Music Videos:

  • Thievery Corporation, “The Forgotten People” 
  • DeVotchKa, “Transliterator”
  • The Bangles, “Walk Like An Egyptian”

Audio Bonus:

  • Interview with Max Blumenthal about the importance of calling out fundamentalists on what the Bible actually says, both literally and allegorically. Also touches on child-rearing, and proposes a third paradigm to disciplinarian vs. indulgent.